The annual Corporate Law Teachers Association conference will be hosted by the University of Auckland Faculty of Law from Sunday 3 February to Tuesday 5 February 2019.

The theme will be Possible Futures for the Company and for Corporate Law.

That the only certainty is change has never been truer than during the last decade. And the pace of change is accelerating with:
  • technological advances;
  • changing balances in world power;
  • increasing inequality;
  • a questioning of tenets of capitalism and even democracy with the profit maximising role of the corporation being re-examined; and
  • climate change.

All of these issues are linked. Francis Fukuyama’s predicted end of history seems far off!

To those of us who focus on the modern company and corporate law, the central relevance of the corporation in finding answers to the grand questions of our time is apparent:
  • Technological change will be mediated through the company;
  • China’s rise is through a form of state owned or controlled corporation;
  • much of the wealth of the world is locked in corporations;
  • corporations themselves are a foundational tool of capitalism but also of social enterprise;
  • multinationals have increasing political power and influence; and
  • corporations both contribute to climate change and are a possible means of halting climate change.

The history of corporate law is not yet over!

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University of Auckland, Law Faculty,
Building 801, 9 Eden Crescent, Central Auckland


Professor Luca Enriques
Call for Abstracts

Call for Abstracts

Submitt 250 word proposals via email to CLTA2019@auckland.ac.nz
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