Parallel Sessions

Parallel Session, Building 810, 1-11 Short Street, Level 3


Monday 4 February


Parallel Session 1



Seminar Room 326

Chair: Larelle Chapple

Seminar Room 332

Chair: Lynne Taylor

Seminar Room 336

Chair: Julie Cassidy

Seminar Room 340

Chair: Michelle Welsh


Directors & Officers

Veil piercing & vicarious liability

Banking & Financial Services

Cross-Border Issues


Directors and Corporate Opportunities


Piercing the corporate veil to reach the money: why, how and where to next?

The professional standards of Insurance Intermediaries: A Trans-Tasman Analysis

Cross-Border M&As in Australia, New Zealand and India: A Comparative Analysis



Rosemary Langford

Helen Anderson


Robin Bowley

Alvin Tiwari



Possible futures for the Registered Company Auditor in the  Corporations Act and beyond

Chair: Beth Nosworthy


Whither customer protection in financial services? From caveat investor to fiduciary plus (via duties of fairness, care and good faith)

Aus-India Securities Markets Bilateral Cooperation within the Indo-Pacific Region


Chris Symes



Scott Donald

Sonia Khosa








Responsibilities within the Governance Space: A study of the role of the company secretary on contemporary boards

Kuwait Revisited




Consumer Trust in Retail Banking – Is it Different?

Choice Equality Foundation of Choice of Law and Corporations



Robyn Trubshaw

Julie Cassidy


Tracey Mylecharane

Sagi Pearl







Parallel Session 2


Seminar Room 326

Seminar Room 332

Chair: Vicky Comino

Seminar Room 336

Chair: Trish Keeper

Seminar Room 340

Chair: Julie Cassidy


Bob Baxt Tribute

Corporate Governance


State owned corporations


The Bob Baxt Tribute will be filmed.

Institutional Shareholders and Non-Executive Directors: Divergent Gatekeepers in the Pursuit of Effective Corporate Governance


The past, present and future of corporate rescue laws


State-owned enterprises in a kleptocracy: the Malaysian Regulatory Framework




Ronan Feehily

Jason Harris

Vivien Chen









Directors’ Duties and Stakeholder Interests: A convergence towards a common law “enlightened shareholder value model?

Directors’ Duties on Insolvency in New Zealand: An Empirical Analysis

Possible future for the company and corporate law: China’s rise is through a form of state owned or controlled corporation: What are its ramifications?



Lance Ang

Lynne Taylor

Steven Stern



The Public Sector Duty of Care


The components of corporate governance for financially distressed companies:


Schemes of Arrangement in Singapore: Empirical and Comparative Analyses

Corporate Autonomy and Party Control of China’s listed Companies


Dr Ben Saunders

Chris Symes & Beth Nosworthy

Casey Watters


Kailang Ma




Parallel Session, Building 810, 1-11 Short Street, Level 3


Tuesday 5 February


Parallel Session 3



Seminar Room 326

Chair: Vicky Comino

Seminar Room 332

Chair: Beth Nosworthy

Seminar Room 336

Chair: Julie Cassidy

Seminar Room 340

Chair: David Wishart


Corporate Governance Codes

Origins and theories of the corporation

Social enterprises/ESG

Future forecasts


Corporate Governance – A Tale of Three Codes



Constructing legal personhood: corporate law’s legacy




Finding the balance between profit and purpose: Should Australia create a legal structure for social enterprise?


Corporate Law Issue, Private Law Solutions: Resolving Disputes Arising from Corporate Security Contracts under PRC Law



Pamela Hanrahan

Peta Spender & Michelle Worthington


Alice Klettner


Dr Charles Zhen Qu









Should we consider other ways to recognise the interest of all stakeholders?

An Eversion in Perspective: The Company as an Entity

Chair: David Wishart

Hybrid Corporations and the Business Case for Profit Social Enterprise

Reforming Financial Regulatory System in China: Through the Lens of Regulating Asset Management Products


Jean Du Plessis

Susan Watson


Ellie Chapple


Weipeng He








ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations:


A Conspiracy of Paper? William Paterson and the Mysterious Origins of Banking and Company Law

An empirical study of Corporate Social Responsibility in Taiwan


The Utility of Corporate Law in an Era of Increased Social Responsibility



Shirley Quo

John Farrar


Edith I-Tzu Su

Adefolake Adeyeye


Parallel Session 4


Seminar Room 326

Seminar Room 332

Seminar Room 336

Seminar Room 340


Boards of Directors

Chair: Matt Berkahn


Chair: Lynne Taylor

Responding to Corporate Misconduct

Chair: Jonathan Barrett

Blockchain & cryptocurrencies

Chair: Ben Liu


A diversity framework for board effectiveness and equality – insights from Malaysia and Canada


Voluntary Administration, Professional Innovation and Dissenting Creditors


Internal Corporate Whistleblowing Systems and a New Regulatory Paradigm

A toss of a (bit)coin: The uncertain nature of the legal status of cryptocurrencies



Akshaya Kamalnath


Roman Tomasic & Jenny Fu

Vivienne Brand & Sulette Lombard

Julie Cassidy & Alvin Cheng







Self-restraint and Golden Parachutes: The Complex Ethics of Executive Remuneration

Director Restriction: An Alternative to Disqualification for Corporate Insolvency

A Responsive Law Approach to Corporate Wrongdoing: Why Equity Stripping and a Corporate Death Penalty Should be on the Table


Futures in the Past? A Sceptical Consideration of Blockchain Ventures Succeeding the Limited Liability Company


Clement Labi

Michelle Welsh and Helen Anderson


Meredith Edelman

Jonathan Barrett








The Beginning of the Future of the Corporation


Misappropriated corporate funds and constructive trusts: NZ courts apply equitable remedies to assist liquidators

The use of “corporate culture” as a regulatory tool for corporations and financial institutions?

Deconstructing digital currency and its risks: Why ASIC must rise to the regulatory challenge


Amanda Carrigan

Trish Keeper


Vicky Comino


Michael Duffy








Parallel Session 5



Seminar Room 326

Seminar Room 332

Seminar Room 336

Seminar Room 340


Stakeholder Perspectives

Chair: Matt Berkahn

Research Developments

Chair: Susan Watson


Chair Larelle Chapple

Boards of Directors

Chair: Beth Nosworthy


Common Corporate Owners, Concerted Corporate Actions?



The Future of Reward: Rethinking Remuneration in Light of Royal Commission into Financial Services


Applying “Truth in Takeovers” to Substantial Holders


Robots in the Boardroom






Rob Nicholls

Kym Sheehan

Emma Armson

Benjamin Liu







Managing Creative Geniuses: Chinese Technology Companies with the Dual-Class Share Structure

Scraping the data: What can you do with the Royal Commission’s Evidence

The Future of Market for Corporate Control in China

Regulating Board Personality in Corporate Governance: Insights, Challenges and Possibilities


Jiang Hulqin

David Wishart, Craig Macaulay & Julianna Marshall


Chuanman You


Ngozi Okoye


Consumers as Owners of Contemporary Firms

Marxist & Schumpeterian Perspectives on Corporate Insolvency Law: Handmaiden or Bulwark against Creative Destruction?

The Impact of Technological Change on Insider Trading Detection, Enforcement and Regulation

An Evaluation of Sustainability in Large British Corporations


Summer Kim


John Tribe


Juliette Overland


Taskin Iqbal











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